Study Abroad in Australia

People, Government, Justice System and Public Policies Program
Spring 2014

Australia and New Zealand including their people, political and justice systems and a wide range of public policies. During this six-week program, students can earn 8-12 MSU credits in CJ, PLS, ISS, IAH or SOC – a great value at a relatively low cost. And, it has perfect timing (January 4 – February 16).
You can avoid the Michigan winter and its summer in Australia and New Zealand.

➢ Includes over 20 field trips to natural areas, parliaments, supreme courts, prisons, police academies, museums and the outback as well as lectures by MSU faculty and Australian/New Zealand experts
➢ Located in Sydney, Canberra (nation’s capital) and Jervis Bay, one of the most pristine ecological parks in the world that is nested within the Booderee rainforest on the South Pacific. Also, in Wellington, NZ with opportunity to travel to the south island.
➢ University partners, the University of New South Wales and Australian National University, provide students with access to libraries, the internet, sports and recreational facilities
➢ Open to majors in all disciplines for students with at least a 2.5


Study Abroad in Australia click the link to download ppt file